Thursday, April 09, 2009

On the way from Zurich to Zurich Airport

These Swiss trains are brilliant. The coffee is very expensive. But good.

You love travelling alone (although you do it too much at the moment). Your own schedule. A lifelong fascination with train stations, motorway services, airports, and particularly the cafes in them).What is it about these places? Everyone is temporary. Everyone on neutral ground. No one more at home than anyone else. You must feel there is an equality in this, of sorts. You, certainly, are comfortable.

When you are in these places you only have what you can carry. Relatively unencumbered. Only what you need at the moment. So much left to do back at home, back at work. Piles of things to deal with, to be sorted out. Boxes of stuff that have been waiting to be sorted for months, if not years. The last time you woke up in the morning (it was a Saturday) and wondered what you were doing that day, and realised, with a jolt, that you had nothing planned, nothing you had to do, nothing that had to be dealt with - the last time that happened was years ago, and you were away from home. So you went to cafes.