Monday, April 04, 2011

Clearly Food Kitchen, Sheffield

One of those cafes that has actually been many different cafes in the years that you have been coming here - in fact, didn't it used to be a chip shop? Yes, a good one.

But this is your first visit to it in this incarnation. You have a twenty minute gap between getting off the bus and your appointment, and this place is kind of on the way. Well, not in the opposite direction, anyway.

All of the coffees available are offered in just one size. This is either a Good Sign, or a Bad Sign. So you order an espresso - not trusting them, on this first visit, not to charge you for two if you order a double - and eggs on toast. Well, you've got twenty minutes.

The espresso comes lungo, and tastes great. The eggs on toast are perfect. You can actually see the neat, dark brown spot appear on your mental coffee map.