Thursday, June 30, 2011

Confeitaria Pampulha

A moment of the English uncertainty when taking a seat in a cafe in another country. It isn't full, but the guy behind the counter is getting on with stuff and the three or four regulars all seem to know each other, even though they are all standing, or sitting, apart. Will the cafe staff, y'know, notice that you're here?

Of course they do. And presently a waiter (which feels like the wrong word, but what would the right word be?) appears at your table, having just deposited breakfast at an adjacent one. Café abatanado, sandes queijo and pasteis de nata appear almost instantly. How do they do that?

You quickly find yourself having several unnecessarily expensive text message conversations, and have to actively put your phone down in order to concentrate on breakfast. Stop, for a minute. It's okay.

The coffee is medium-strong with a bit of bite. A second is swiftly ordered.

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